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The Periodic Table (of Lawyers)

I’ve spent my adult life in Big Law, but I’m not on this earth to help the rich get richer. I’m here for the wanna-be’s.  I want to help the climbers, the strivers, the innovators, the world changers. That’s why I wrote Birth to Buyout and that’s why I’ve got this blog. This is not a commercial – I have enough clients. I’m not shilling for more billable hours. I’m trying to help smart, ambitious people understand the life cycle of business by putting out the information I know in a way that you’ll want to read. So, here on my blog 2.0, is Lesson 1: What types of business lawyers are there? I’ve created this Periodic Table of Business Lawyers. This is in beta – I did this myself, which is why it is not as readable as it will be in the future when an actual person makes it pretty. But, I love it and think it’s cool. Let me know your thoughts.

(Click it and you can make it bigger.)Periodic Chart of Lawyers

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One Response to The Periodic Table (of Lawyers)

  1. Doug Smith February 10, 2014 at 4:11 pm #

    I love this chart and would like to use it in a PowerPoint for my Business Law course this summer. No further distribution outside the class, and of course, with attribution. Could you send me a PDF or file that I could incorporate into a PowerPoint?

    Doug Smith
    Marquette University
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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