A guy from Wharton School studied crowdfunding campaigns and picked out a bunch of things that can make your crowdfunding campaign a success. Below is a brief recap of features of a successful crowdfunding campaign:

  1. It’s easier if you already have a giant network on Facebook or in your site. (Ok, but don’t let a small network get you down. Move on to the next one.)
  2. Polish your pitch. Video pitches do best. Professionalism matters.
  3. Make it local in a creative town. If you can marry a local area with something it’s famous for (Kansas City BBQ), people are more encouraged to help.
  4. Make it short. 30 day campaigns have a 35% chance of success. 60-day campaigns are less than 30%.
  5. Get on the Front Page. Campaigns featured on the front page have an 89% chance of success. Everyone else has only a 30% chance.

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