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6 Tips for Picking the Right Shrink

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6 Tips for Picking the Right Shrink

In honor of Robin Williams, whose depression and anxiety drove him to his end this week, we hereby declare our full throated encouragement to go get yourself some help. Therapy – hard, bitter, sometimes triumphant talk therapy, coupled with the appropriate, conservative doses of prescribed drugs – should be the right of every human.

(If you are one of the people who thinks that depressed people should just “get over it,” then you are the first one I’d like to stick on the couch with two pillows and a big box of tissue. That judgment you’re carrying around can be dislodged by a good shrink and a lot of tears.)

Mental illness is real, expensive and treatable but we have to see it as it is – a physical condition; Not a show of weakness.

Here are 6 tips to help you pick the a shrink that will work for you and help you be the best you can be.

Mental Illness 101: Intro to Shrinks

Magnifying GlassGoogle search for someone in your tribe.

Why? You need to feel very comfy with your shrink. Often, you may feel an innate rapport with someone who shares some part of your identity. Also, it’s a big world filled with shrinks and this is as good a way to narrow them down as any.

Also, you can ask your friends for recommendations.

Use the Google

WalletConsider cost.

Unlike suits, higher priced isn’t necessarily better.

MSWs are the best bargain

HomePick a shrink conveniently located close to your home or work.

Therapy is torture enough – why add inconvenience to the temptations to cancel.

Convenience matters

EmpathyPick someone with empathy.

Empathy means someone who can see your emotions. Not all shrinks have empathy.

Empathy is key

Thumbs UpPick someone you like but not too much.

If you crave your shrink’s respect, you’ll never get into the real garbage bogging you down.

Don’t pick someone you’re attracted to

ThoughtsBe ready to tell them everything.

This includes the garbage thoughts you swore you’d never repeat.

Talk. Talk. Talk.

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