If you aren’t fed up with the rigged game entitled conservatives are playing against you, then you are being conned. There are businesses – huge zombies without a name or human face – that control your present and future, but are totally unreachable, untouchable and unaccountable for the damage they can do to you. And, Republican Senators for hire are doing everything they can to keep it that way.

60 Minutes did an enraging story last Sunday about how impossible it is to get the credit bureaus to fix the mistakes they make on your credit report. There are three credit bureaus that keep track of your credit and bill paying and report that information to the banks. These three companies define your reputation for bill paying. Like everyone, they make mistakes – trouble is, there is literally no human hired to fix those mistakes. All roads of communication run into dead ends. Mail goes to a PO Box with no human face. Calls go to operators in India armed with just a headset.  Not only did 60 Minutes make it clear that no human can override computer generated data, no one was available to talk to 60 minutes except for the single lobbyist for all 3 credit bureaus who sent an email. 

But that’s okay, because there is a new sheriff in town to protect you. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created in the last few years to deal with problems like the titanic credit bureaus. The trouble is the Republicans in the Senate keep using technicalities and tricks to stop the Senate from voting on the guy hired by President Obama to run the agency. So the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has no CEO.  Without a human hired to solve problems, the agency can’t do its job of policing companies that screw consumers, like the credit bureaus.  The only human that seems to have an influence in all of this is the single lobbyist for the credit bureaus, who manages to get the Senate to protect the credit bureaus from their own mistakes.

It’s time to get real about the game of Big Everything and your chances in it. The system is rigged to help Big Everything and hurt everyone else, including you. Understand that the only people who are on your side are the people who actually do things to make your life fair.  Stop supporting people who scream about regulation – they are really just trying to get away with whatever level of service they want to give.  Believe that corporations are supposed to be tools for people, not the other way around.  And, tell your Senators to make sure the Senate holds a vote for Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can find your Senators’ contact information here

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