Confessions of a Cultist (or If loving david allen is wrong, I don’t want to be right)

I cannot overstate the importance of David Allen’s Getting Things Done in my life. David Allen is a former management consultant who created a methodology for personal productivity. People who follow David Allen and his “GTD” method are sort of like other cultists: glassy eyed, but extremely focused. If you have…

Time Tactics of Very Successful People – But Not Me

Seven years ago, I was a messy desk person, a disaster.  Disgusted, buried and boxed in, I decided to change my ways, to become one of those organized people with a leather planner and an attached pen, post-its and a label maker. Something odd happened: when I started learning…

5 Smart Things About the S-Corporation

I want to show some love to the S-corp, the ugly older child of the LLC. What is an S-Corporation? An S-Corporation is a C-corporation that has been converted to pass through tax treatment. You get that pass through tax treatment by filing an S-election on IRS Form…

You Gotta Get A Minute Book

A MINUTE BOOK is one big binder that contains the company’s building block documents … every company has to have one.

4 Documents You Need To Set Up Your First Bank Account

When it is time to set up a bank account, the bank will require a bunch of documents out of your minute book.

3 Relationships between You and Your Staff

The relationship created between your business and the people helping it will be governed by some tricky rules. There are basically 3 types of relationships you create when an individual provides services: (1) employment; (2) independent contractor; and (3) partnership/joint venture.

5 S-Steps To Staff Your Business

There are five steps to finding that someone to help you in your business: (1) Search; (2) Specify; (3) Screen; (4) Solidify; and (5) Start. Let’s go over these in more detail.

The 7 Gets of Business

In every business, at the beginning, middle and end, you have to take 7 actions: (1) Get organized; (2) Get funded; (3) Get the rights; (4) Get your product made; (5) Get your product sold; (6) Get protection; and (7) Get rich or get gone.

Sole Proprietorship: Just Don’t

People who run a business alone without setting up a formal business entity operate their business as a sole proprietorship. They shouldn’t.