Why Hangover II is a crash course in copyright

The legendary artist who etched the tattoo onto Mike Tyson’s face sued the makers of Hangover II for using it without his permission. (In the movie, Ed Helms wakes up in the morning with it on his face.) This is the lawsuit version of the Hangover (I, not II):…

7 Reasons We Don’t Have More Entrepreneurs (and jobs)

There are real obstacles that keep would-be business starters on the sidelines…Each of these problems is deep and profound and fixable.


Nearly every service, product and material has laws or rules about it that you should (and often have to) follow. Governments regulate products and services that have the capacity to injure: restaurant refrigerators, mutual fund ads and lawyers all follow rules to keep people physically…

The Soda that Started Consumer Protection

Law usually emerges out of a simple, painful, human story – that is what makes law so compelling. Take the birth of consumer protections. It all started in 1928, when a woman named May Donoghue and a friend sat down at the Wellmeadow Café in Paisely, Scotland.  Even though…

Opportunity Under Law: Blow the Whistle

Federal law is giving whistleblowers not just a bodyguard, but a profit motive.

From Farm to Fork: The New Food Safety Bill

makes our food safer

5 Signs You’re About to Get Screwed in the Deal

No matter what, sometimes your deal will go bad and you’ll suffer the consequences. In my experience, many bad business deals can be avoided if you know the signals of a oncoming deal wreck. So, here are 5 Signs You’re About to Get Screwed in the Deal:  MB8GDC4E5U3J 1….

(5 stupid reasons) Why I Picked An S-Corp

Part 1.

3 Reasons Why The Facebook Give-Away Contract Is Not That Scary For Zuckerberg

You may have heard that a guy named Paul Ceglia sued Facebook to claim his 84% ownership of the company that he swears Mark Zuckerman gave him in 2003. This is an interesting story, but not necessarily a threat to Zuckerberg’s throne.