We work with hundreds of companies – from “wantrapreneurs” incubating an idea to publicly traded conglomerates – on all aspects of business and legal management, problem solving and strategy. We are driven by a mission to help people set themselves free through entrepreneurship, creativity and connectivity. We bring a unique set of skills and knowledge in business, management, monetization, strategy and business law to every engagement. More importantly, we understand what it feels like to have a goal but to need more knowledge or encouragement to reach it. We will work with you with empathy and candor. We will root for you and your success. And, if you aren’t happy, you can have your money back (subject to the contract, after all, Coco’s a lawyer).

You can hire Coco and our team for business strategy sessions, short or long term coaching, or professional legal services. We conduct these sessions by phone or Skype or in person at the client’s expense. For information on any of the above, contact us here.

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