For once, the FCC is listening – but you have to talk!

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Remember to reference “Proceeding Number 14-28” in your comment or e-mail.


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Make ISPs Common Carriers

Please protect the Internet and the prosperity of the American. Please:

  1. Reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service
  2. Reclassify ISPs as common carriers
  3. Reject the May 15, 2014 pay for play rules

You can only adopt the May 15th pay for play rules if you believe the Internet remains a special, enhanced service that is a choice, not a necessity like electricy and phones. But in the last 15 years, the Internet has dramatically evolved; it is no longer a special, enhanced service – it is limb of modern life, like electricity and phones. Please bring the rules of the Internet into the real world – designate the Internet as a “common carrier.”

Any other action would lead to a new kind of inequality which would endanger everything we love about the United States of America. Adopting the May 15th pay for play rules would hurt innovators, startups, entrepreneurs, families that work from home and first responders, all of whom depend on affordable, reliable connectivity.

We understand that you are friends and allies of the big Internet providers – but right now, as a member of the FCC, you are supposed to work for us. What’s good for the ISP monopolies is not good for the American people. The ISP monopolies have not delivered a fast, affordable Internet as it is.  When ranked against our international competitors, American Internet service is ranked 16th for value and 35th for speed. Giving the ISP monopolies tools to jack up rates and crush potential competitors will not induce them to do any better; instead, they will have no reason but to do even worse.

I urge you as an American, a voter and a productive, tax paying citizen to stand with me – designate the Internet as a common carrier and make it open, fair and affordable.


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