Slow internet has real costs and dangers. First, and most obviously, slow internet is annoying. Waiting for videos to buffer, websites to load and e-mails to send makes you work slower, your day longer and your frustrations greater.

But, slow and spotty internet costs us more than just time and frustration; it also costs dollars and pain. A slower internet connection is easier to hack, leaving sensitive information open to theft and leaving companies and individuals alike vulnerable to cyber-attacks and cyber-terrorism.

Slow websites also cost companies billions in lost revenue.  Amazon has stated that a page that loads one second slower costs Amazon $1.6 billion in annual sales. Google has stated that pages that load four tenths of a second slower lose 8 million searches a day, resulting in fewer online ads and decreased web traffic.

If you run a business that is dependent on a website, you could lose more than half of your users if your page loads too slowly. That means that marketing efforts and site development would be wasted if the architecture of your Internet service can’t produce a speedy connection. If your competitors – big or small – can afford to pay to drive in the Internet fast lane, then you and everyone else who can’t will be left in the dust.

Pretty soon, the Internet will be owned by the behemoths that have already swallowed up TV, radio and print.

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