I know, deep down, you have an idea for a service, a product or a problem you would like to solve for money. Most progress has come from people like you who pursued profit and legacy. That’s how this country has always worked; it’s the foundation of the American dream.Unfortunately, that foundation has slipped, and I’ll bet you believe that you can’t start a company or solve a problem on your own to make a living. If so, it’s not your fault. We are conditioned, as Americans, to search for a job and a boss to give us structure and permission to create. We’re trained to be obedient and to stick to the status quo because that’s how we survive. We aren’t taught or encouraged to be creative. Instead, we’re taught to rely on others for our sustenance.

My mission is to encourage people like you to realize that there is so much more to life than simply depending on the rich for jobs and opportunity. Everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur and to find true freedom; economic freedom.

Over the next few days, I will be putting out a short series of posts about how entrepreneurship can change lives and why it is so important to American prosperity, so stay tuned!

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