sign up_TN2There are just 10 days left until SOLDIER TO CEO. We have had a terrific response. We have 90 people signed up, but we still have seats left. Here is what the day will include.

The Program

We have a day-long, action-packed, brain-jamming program. We’re going to start by telling you about how you pick your product or service and map out your business plan. Next, we’re going to talk about how you set up your company and set up your operations – your office space, your website, your tax and accounting systems. Then, we’re going to take a break, because you’re probably going to be ready for one.


After the break, a really great guy named Joshua Gutstein from the Chicago Minority Business Center is going to tell you where money for your business may be hiding. By that point, you’re going to need a lunch break.

Dan Goss

After lunch, I’m going to do 15 minutes on the different parts of intellectual property – copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret – and why you should care.  Next, the smartest product developer in the country – Dan Goss – is going to talk about how you can create products and services that people actually want. (I’m going to chime in with 15 questions you need to ask to the find any regulation that may pertain to your product). Then…another break. And some snacks and soft drinks.


After the break, Sean Moffett, an international expert in sales and social media, is going to tell you Why Sales is Really Counterinsurgency. I’m not talking during that segment, because Sean told me not to (which makes me happy). Because after that, I’m coming back to tell you about how you get protection from your business through contracts, insurance and vigilant due diligence.

Todd Connor.

Then, a guy named Scott Nelles from Regus is going to talk about taking your business into the future. And, one of my favorite people, Todd Connor, a Navy vet and the head of ROTC schools for Chicago Public Schools is going to wrap it up.

Rovers and Sponsors

There will also be people there with expertise you need, but may not know you need: business insurance, banking, office rental, law and we’re working on technology and accounting. We also have a few people from government coming to answer your personal questions face to face.


Finally, we’re ending the day with a little beer, wine and snacks from 5 to 6:30, so we can talk, trade numbers and relax.  We think this is going to be an amazing day. We really want to do this, because we don’t know how else to say thank you – we are stunned by your service and sacrifice. So, sign up here.

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