Random Drug Test Specimen BottleAnother opportunity for craven profiteers: drug testing. Another state made its hungry pass a drug test before it let them eat (because, apparently, people on drugs don’t deserve food). Turns out, 16,000 people peed in a cup and … 37 of them had drugs in their system. Now, many people – this article included – argue that we test food stamp applicants because we hate poor people. Really, hatred for poor people is just the reason why oblivious taxpayers support drug testing welfare recipients. The real reason we test poor people is because private, for-profit drug testing companies hire lobbyists to convince politicians that they can look fiscally responsible by testing poor people for drugs before they can get a bit of mercy. The only winners are the company managers who hired the right lobbyists and struck the right chord of revulsion. The question, again, is never how much government should spend, because government will always spend a lot. The question is who gets to participate in opportunities funded by us, the taxpayers, on government contracts?

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