Monday at Noon Eastern, 11:00 am central, I’m back on the air. The theme of the show is Profits and Non-Profits with guests Dan Goss and Jill Baldwin.

Dan Goss

Dan Goss develops cool products in NYC.  He designs them, gets them made and sells them, always at a profit. He sells to luxury brands and big box stores, he’s been all over the world and he’s worked at every level of business.  He even creates the marketing campaigns and revenue models. Dan is an odd, left brain-right brain creature of creativity and detail – he’s the real deal.  He’s here to tell you what you don’t know about how things get made.

Jill Baldwin trains entrepreneurs in the nonprofit space on how to survive and thrive. Smart as a whip, she’ll shatter your expectations about what it takes to run a nonprofit. She’ll be here to tell you how you can kill a not-for-profit – or how you can save it.

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