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Fred Lichtmacher is a lawyer who goes after big people who do bad things to smaller people. Fred is here tomorrow on The Profit and Laws Radio Hour to talk about what it takes to go up against the NYPD, the Feds and Big Business. This is a man who fights hard for the beaten guy and gets him justice. Fred and I are going to talk about the toll of the warrior, things people ought to know about the dirtier parts of our world. And why he can’t work for someone else.

I love this hero – you will too. Join me! Thursday 10 am CST.  

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  • January 17, 2013 Reply

    Brad Strickland

    Hey Coco!
    Thanks for chatting with me about my castles and such.
    I really loved your enthusiasm.
    I’m hunting the book down right now.
    I will email you with some cool pictures!

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