Wendy Irwin

Good Magazine puts out The Good 100, a yearly list of the best and most innovative people, ideas and projects. This year, our friend, Wendy Irwin, made the Good 100 as an Urban Agriculturalist. So, who is Wendy Irwin?

Wendy, Co-Founder of Yellow Tractor, makes beautiful, raised garden beds that you can put together in small spaces without tools. The mission is to help people raise their own food, particularly if they don’t have ready access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Wendy and her business partner, Anne Sorensen, came through our November, 2013 Business Bootcamp. But, long before that, Wendy was our friend. We’re so proud of her, so in awe of what she accomplishes every day. And, we aren’t surprised that the world is taking notice.

Got a yard? A balcony? A school? A shelter? A community garden? A restaurant? Go to Yellow Tractor and get your very own garden bed. Wendy took particular care to make sure the garden beds are easy to put together and gorgeous.

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