Birth to Buyout

What is Birth to Buyout?

Published by Profit and Laws, Birth to Buyout : Law for the Life Cycle of Your Business is a tight, handy and (nearly) funny book on Business Law. Designed to help the American entrepreneur, Birth to Buyout gives you a place to start when launching, running or selling a business. Lawyers can use it to spot issues. Businesses can cut legal bills. New entrepreneurs get a roadmap for their company.

Why is this book different from all other books?

Birth to Buyout was carefully crafted to make business law issues easy to understand and interesting in three ways:

1) Simplify Smartly. Birth to Buyout boils down the law, realistically and smartly. It also helps that Birth to Buyout is broken into 7 phases: Getting Organized, Getting Funded, Getting the Rights, Getting it Made, Getting it Sold, Getting Protection And Getting Rich. These 7 phases make up the life cycle of a business – from Birth to Buyout.  This makes it easier to understand business law in the context of your business.

2) Pretty Pictures. We use charts, tables and pictures to help explain more complex legal questions.

3) A Story! Birth to Buyout shows you the law by also telling the story of how two entrepreneurs deal with the business and legal issues in their green tech start-up – with the help of their (kickass) corporate lawyer.

Wow. Must be huge. How can I carry it around?

Actually, it’s not that big. It’s 286 pages. Paperback. Smallish. Fits nicely right next to your iPad.  Or, on your iPad (or Kindle).  Birth to Buyout is available in nearly every eBook format.


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