Dan GossEver since I discovered I wanted to dedicate my life to help entrepreneurs navigate the world (16 years ago), I’ve been fascinated by the ways people find to make money. But, I’m intensely curious about how people make things – toys, phones, ball bearings – anythings. That’s why my book, Birth to Buyout is about two guys who build a better mousetrap. And, that’s why Dan Goss product developer for Marshall Field’s, Home Shopping Network and Hammacher Schlemmer (among others) teaches a breakout session on how to create products and break into retail. 

sean_moffettBut, at all of the bootcamps we’ve done, half the people are usually professionals providing a service. These professionals come to learn how to set up their companies, protect themselves and build their client base. That’s why Sean Moffett is such a terrific addition to our company. Sean Moffett coaches professionals on how to build books of business. Sean will also be at our November 1st bootcamp in Chicago. He will lead a small group breakout session of professionals and will help them create their plans for building their businesses.

If you are ready to launch or grow your business, we can really help you, whether you offer a product or your services. Sign up at http://www.profitandlaws.com.

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