It’s the third week of the year, and I’m clinging to my 2012 resolutions by my fingertips. My resolution to post 3 times a week is in danger. So, on a Thursday night, in a cab on my way home, I have grabbed this little post out of my personal set of wikis.

You see, I write a little note on everything I learn as a lawyer. I call these “wikis,” but they are usually just Word docs or Mindmaps that I write and keep in Dropbox. Please understand my January 19th New Year’s resolution desperation. I’m actually posting my sad, rushed wiki on 218 Agreements. Which almost no one needs to read. Which is a testament to the fragile state of my new year’s resolve. Thanks for understanding.

What’s a 218 Agreement?

A Section 218 Agreement is a state’s contract with the Social Security Administration to subject state employees, or certain state employees, to Medicare and Social Security. These contracts are permanent and not terminable as of 1983.

See an excellent FAQ at:

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