Amazing Government Websites with Startling, Fascinating and Odd Info – Pt 3

We are always looking for good things the government does to help business. Here is a terrific example. runs contests for everyone. These contests follow the examples set by sites like 99 designs.  But, the government contests ask participants to solve some problem. The winners get prizes.….


Dear Visitor: Thank you for coming and seeing what I have to say about business law. Sorry I said so little. Blogging is not nearly as easy as it looks. Coming up with ideas is easy. Convincing myself that anyone wants to read my thoughts about those ideas is…

Surprising Threats to Business (and Beer) from Minnesota Shutdown – Part 2

  Folks, two weeks ago, we wrote about how Minnesota’s state government shutdown would keep businesses from getting financing, registrations and licenses. We even had a chart. But, we never imagined that it would also stop the flow of beer from the keg. Seems that without government services, bars…

Starving the Beast is Bad for Business

Think “starving the beast” is the answer?  Think again. Business needs working government. We are seeing an unprecedented failure of government to act like adults and get stuff done. Last week, the Minnesota Secretary of State sent out this emailed memo, announcing that the Minnesota legislature’s failure to pass…

Apple Pie Economics

The US needs more entrepreneurs. Most net new jobs get created by new ventures. There are forces and accidents that are getting in the way of us living up to our entrepreneurial potential. But, there are solutions.