Yes, Your Business Needs An Entity

You absolutely need an entity. Here’s why.

Hidden Laws, Confusing Regulations

Regulations, which we need to keep the business playing field fair, ought to be rewritten, simplified, colorized and visualized. Compliance should not be a privilege of just the companies who can afford lawyers.

Why People Organize in Delaware (and Why You Shouldn’t)

I’m starting to get lots of emails asking business law questions, so I thought I’d start a weekly column where I answer one. Here is our first question. Katie from Cincinnati, Ohio asks, “Why are there so many corporations from Delaware?” Dear Katie: Before you can set up a…

Death of a Successful Startup: Why Laura Quit

The health insurance marketplace makes starting a business a life or death decision. American entrepreneurs ought to have to do battle with market demand, logistics and competition, but not with America itself.

Why Hangover II is a crash course in copyright

The legendary artist who etched the tattoo onto Mike Tyson’s face sued the makers of Hangover II for using it without his permission. (In the movie, Ed Helms wakes up in the morning with it on his face.) This is the lawsuit version of the Hangover (I, not II):…

Birth to Buyout Hits the (Virtual) Bookshelves!

Rejoice!  You can now read Birth to Buyout on your Kindle. Or Nook. Or Sony Reader.  iPad or iPhone?  There’s an app for that. And hey – if you roll old-school –  the print version is available here. P.S. You may have noticed the use of Bossypants by Tina…

7 Reasons We Don’t Have More Entrepreneurs (and jobs)

There are real obstacles that keep would-be business starters on the sidelines…Each of these problems is deep and profound and fixable.

Apple Pie Economics

The US needs more entrepreneurs. Most net new jobs get created by new ventures. There are forces and accidents that are getting in the way of us living up to our entrepreneurial potential. But, there are solutions.