Get All Similar Domains: Great Advice from David Lizerbram

With greater frequency, talented and smart lawyers are blogging. Here is some sensible advice from trademark lawyer David Lizerbram. David’s advice: just go – now- and get all similar domain names to your current one so that others can’t do it instead. Here is the post: Domains Best Practice

Surprising Threats to Business (and Beer) from Minnesota Shutdown – Part 2

  Folks, two weeks ago, we wrote about how Minnesota’s state government shutdown would keep businesses from getting financing, registrations and licenses. We even had a chart. But, we never imagined that it would also stop the flow of beer from the keg. Seems that without government services, bars…

Surprising Threats To Business From Minnesota Shutdown.

I grew up both in Minnesota and in Minnesota politics.  The Minnesota pols i knew or knew of were passionate warriors who approached governing with more sobriety than ideology. The Minnesota i grew up in would never have shut the government down – those legislators respected the need for…

Loud People on the Train (P.2)

This girl was talking loudly enough on the train that everyone could have participated in her conversation.  But you couldn’t, so I’ll fill you in. It wasn’t as scintillating as the last loud people on the train, but she what she lacked in novelty she made up for in…

K9 Ventures » Investor Nomenclature and the Venture Spiral

this is one of the best articles on the different investor types…It’s by K9 Ventures.

Sudden Entrepreneurs

this excellent post by Ben Pieratt, CEO of

How To Sell Groupon Coupons Without Losing Lawsuits

Did you know that some of the companies that have done these Groupon sales have gotten sued? The problem is the expiration date. For instance, I bought $200 worth of personal training sessions for $80 – 2 years ago, so my coupon has expired. Technically, I could sue, but…