The SIXTH Dirtiest Job I’ve Ever Had

I have nothing to say of any merit today. I’m cranky. I’m frustrated. I’m walking up a downward moving escalator. I’m an entrepreneur. I know other entrepreneurs have days like this, because they tell me so, sometimes as their friend, sometimes as their lawyer. So, as a bit of…

Help Wanted. I’m looking for a new assistant in Chicago

I’m hiring an assistant. Profit and Laws has gotten to the point when it’s time to start hiring full time staff – no more part time contractors. I need someone to do all the stuff that eats away at my time – posting content, sending my replies, organizing seminars, formatting…

Protect Your Staff from Abuse (ie Your Customer Is Not Always Right)

As a college kid/waitress, I had a favorite cook who dropped gifts into the food of abusive customers (particularly when he had a cold). Later, as a young lawyer, I had to fight apathy when working for abusive clients. Apparently, I am not alone. Researchers are backing up my experience….

Section 218 Agreement under Social Security Act

It’s the third week of the year, and I’m clinging to my 2012 resolutions by my fingertips. My resolution to post 3 times a week is in danger. So, on a Thursday night, in a cab on my way home, I have grabbed this little post out of my…

7 Ingredients in a Confidentiality Agreement

A Confidentiality Agreement (a/k/a “NDA”) is a promise to keep someone’s information secret. Like all contracts, there is no one way to create them. But, there are 7 things that you have to define: (1) Discloser; (2) Recipient; (3) Confidential Information; (4) Duration; (5) OK Use; (6) Recipient Obligations;…

3 Relationships between You and Your Staff

The relationship created between your business and the people helping it will be governed by some tricky rules. There are basically 3 types of relationships you create when an individual provides services: (1) employment; (2) independent contractor; and (3) partnership/joint venture.

5 S-Steps To Staff Your Business

There are five steps to finding that someone to help you in your business: (1) Search; (2) Specify; (3) Screen; (4) Solidify; and (5) Start. Let’s go over these in more detail.

The 7 Gets of Business

In every business, at the beginning, middle and end, you have to take 7 actions: (1) Get organized; (2) Get funded; (3) Get the rights; (4) Get your product made; (5) Get your product sold; (6) Get protection; and (7) Get rich or get gone.