Top 5 Weekly Reads

How Not to Sell Things on the Internet (Legal Edition) – 23andMe lost when they tried to enforce their terms of use – because they stuck the link to their terms of use at the bottom of the site. Listen up, web sellers: imagine going to a car dealership and getting…

Six Quick Reads You Need to See

Starting a Business is an Act of Defiance and Patriotism: Happy Independence Day Letting your entrepreneurial flag fly has never been so daring, so important and so patriotic. The financial rules are now totally written for the big companies. Taking on Goliath in any industry is an act of…

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Negotiating

Negotiation is a human conversation. If your adversaries won’t talk, listen and trade, you can’t do business with them afterwards. And if you bully or extract too high a price, you will hurt your ability to deal with them afterwards. There is always an afterwards.

Our Friend, and Bootcamp Alum, Wendy Irwin is a Good 100!

Our friend, Wendy Irwin, made the Good 100 as an Urban Agriculturalist. @yellowtractor @good

Your business needs both an artist and an enforcer – they probably can’t both be you.

Most people start businesses because they love doing something so much, they know they can do it better under their own banner. That’s an artist – not a smock and beret artist – but an artist who creates something new or better. Maybe that’s why you started your business….

You’re an Entrepreneur to the Core. Now Take Your Life to the Next Level.

The SIXTH Dirtiest Job I’ve Ever Had

I have nothing to say of any merit today. I’m cranky. I’m frustrated. I’m walking up a downward moving escalator. I’m an entrepreneur. I know other entrepreneurs have days like this, because they tell me so, sometimes as their friend, sometimes as their lawyer. So, as a bit of…

Lawyer Up Lightly During Your Startup Phase – Just like Jobs and Woz

Today on The Profit and Laws Radio Hour In 1978, Apple had cool new computers, but no operating system and no one on their lean staff who could code one quickly.  They had started publicizing the Apple II, but they couldn’t get to market without an operating system.  Steve…

You Can Re-Build the World (My Interview with Glass Ceiling)

On the Radio Thursday Jan 17 – Peaceful Warrior Fred Lichtmacher

Fred Lichtmacher is a lawyer who goes after big people who do bad things to smaller people. Fred is here tomorrow on The Profit and Laws Radio Hour to talk about what it takes to go up against the NYPD, the Feds and Big Business. This…