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Ever since I discovered I wanted to dedicate my life to help entrepreneurs navigate the world (16 years ago), I’ve been fascinated by the ways people find to make money. But, I’m intensely curious about how people make things – toys, phones, ball bearings – anythings. That’s why my…

Want to CYA? Jump up on this sturdy 3-legged stool.

There are 3 kinds of risks: the risk that you’ll get screwed or sued; the risk that you’ll get in a fight and the risk that you’ll lose the fight. These risks are ever present. The only way to avoid these risks completely is to stay on your couch….

Robin Thicke Has Got to Give It Up

The first time I heard Blurred Lines, I assumed Robin Thicke had sampled parts of Marvin Gaye’s Got to Give it Up. Not just because the feel of the songs is similar – I also heard common elements and grooves. Trouble is, the Gaye family also thought Robin Thicke took…

Global warming is an opportunity for entrepreneurs

Climate change is real and getting worse.1,2 The Southwest has entered a permanent drought.3 Storms are more frequent and more devastating. Farmers lost billions of dollars in crops. We have about 5 years to get pointed in a new direction. Otherwise, food, energy, water, transportation and housing prices will…

Global Warming: Where are we going, where have we been?

If you’re like me, you probably get confused about global warming.  Here is a chart just telling you how scientists measure climate change, where we have been and where we need to go. Climate change is real and it’s terrifying.  Click on the map to enlarge. You can also…

Global Warming: It’s happening, it’s bad, and it’s the opportunity of a lifetime | Profit and Laws Radio Hour – August 14

Profit and Laws Podcast
Profit and Laws Podcast
Global Warming: It's happening, it's bad, and it's the opportunity of a lifetime | Profit and Laws Radio Hour - August 14

Global warming is real and terrible. People who don’t believe global warming is the consequence of human activity have been duped and underestimate the power of man. We have benefited tremendously off of the activities that have warmed the planet – it’s been quite a party. The world will…

You Never Give Me Your Money. You Only Give Me Your Funnnny Papers

Learn the different parts of a contract from the Beatles:       Baby, you’re a rich man. Baby, you’re a rich man. Baby, you’re a rich man too.

Want to make the market more competitive for small business? Tax Amazon.

Showrooming is killing retail stores.  “Showrooming” is when you go to a store, but buy the product later online, because it’s cheaper. The product is cheaper for two reasons: low overhead (no store or employees to pay for) and no sales taxes.  Amazon’s freedom from charging sales tax is unfair…