The Entrepreneurship Series, Part IV

Righteous Rotation and the Rule of “Fours” The Righteous Rotation follows the creation and patronage of locally owned and operated businesses. When a small business prospers, its owners and workers prosper along with the surrounding community. This leads to more prosperity for the small business, and on and on….

The Entrepreneurship Series, Part III

Innovation & Competition Small firms are much more innovative than large ones. A study by Zoltan Acs and David Audretsch sought to identify which companies came up with he biggest innovations of the 20th century. They found that new or small firms generated half. Their role was particularly important…

The Entrepreneurship Series, Part I

Jobs Startup firms created all net jobs during most years since 19771. Existing firms create jobs, but they also slash more jobs than they create every year. Net job creation relies on young dynamic startups. Here is the iconic chart Kauffman published in 2010. 1. U.S. Census Bureau. Business Dynamics…

Apple Pie Economics

The US needs more entrepreneurs. Most net new jobs get created by new ventures. There are forces and accidents that are getting in the way of us living up to our entrepreneurial potential. But, there are solutions.