Your Safety Shouldn’t Be a Crap Shoot – Why Senator Tillis Is so Very Wrong

You may have heard that Thom Tillis, a Republican United States Senator from North Carolina, said that government shouldn’t require restaurant workers to wash their hands after they use the bathroom. He said, “I don’t have any problem with Starbucks if they choose to opt out of this policy…

Hidden Laws, Confusing Regulations

Regulations, which we need to keep the business playing field fair, ought to be rewritten, simplified, colorized and visualized. Compliance should not be a privilege of just the companies who can afford lawyers.

Apple Pie Economics

The US needs more entrepreneurs. Most net new jobs get created by new ventures. There are forces and accidents that are getting in the way of us living up to our entrepreneurial potential. But, there are solutions.

How To Sell Groupon Coupons Without Losing Lawsuits

Did you know that some of the companies that have done these Groupon sales have gotten sued? The problem is the expiration date. For instance, I bought $200 worth of personal training sessions for $80 – 2 years ago, so my coupon has expired. Technically, I could sue, but…


Nearly every service, product and material has laws or rules about it that you should (and often have to) follow. Governments regulate products and services that have the capacity to injure: restaurant refrigerators, mutual fund ads and lawyers all follow rules to keep people physically…

From Farm to Fork: The New Food Safety Bill

makes our food safer