Crooked Capital Markets and the “Shareholder Value Myth”

Your browser does not support the audio tag. Try updating your browser or downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. Read the transcript: Today, you’re going to hear my interview with Lynn Stout. Now, Lynn Stout is a rock star, and I’m not saying that…you know, everybody calls people rock stars…she…

Net Neutrality is about Competition, Not Content

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Net Neutrality is about Competition, Not Content

Forget everything you’ve heard about Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is not about content, it’s about poles. In this episode, listen to Coco explain Net Neutrality in a way you probably haven’t heard before.

The FCC’s new rules for the open Internet are much more about fostering competition and taking on…

Meet Nathan Stooke of Wisper Wireless Internet

Nathan Stooke, founder and CEO of Wisper Wireless Internet, is our new hero! Nathan joined me on the radio on Coco Soodek Live on June 4 and he told me his story. Back in 2003, before the Internet had become so indispensable, Nathan decided to start a company to…

Our Friend, and Bootcamp Alum, Wendy Irwin is a Good 100!

Our friend, Wendy Irwin, made the Good 100 as an Urban Agriculturalist. @yellowtractor @good