I’m hiring an assistant. Profit and Laws has gotten to the point when it’s time to start hiring full time staff – no more part time contractors. I need someone to do all the stuff that eats away at my time – posting content, sending my replies, organizing seminars, formatting documents and assembling the thousands of pages of articles and wikis I’ve written over the last 3 years. My office is a little two room number, that overlooks a McDonald’s and a roof with an old timey satellite dish. The building is decrepit, the bathroom’s a crap shoot (not a metaphor) and the neighbors seem sketchy. But, be it ever so humble, the windows open. 

I want to hire someone who may not exist. My ideal assistant has a sense of humor, unending curiosity and empathy. With any luck, my assistant will have enough kindness to genuinely want to help me for awhile.  I don’t want anyone I already know well. I don’t want anyone normal – no one who always fits in. I don’t want anyone who doesn’t care, who won’t take responsibility or who won’t try to figure some of it out.  Mistakes I can handle – but someone just going through the motions for the check I can’t.

I’m opting out of normal routes. No recruiters, no blanket requests for covers and resumes. Instead, I made a quiz – mostly multiple choice – on a web page. The quiz is odd. Normal people may be offended by the questions – that’s exactly the way I want it. I want someone who has felt like an outsider, who thinks a little differently, who wants something unique and marvelous. I’d also like someone smart, nice and noble that I can help with contacts or information or opportunities.  Because contrary to current disregard for employees, I know the employment relationship is a sacred exchange of time, effort and care for money, time, effort and care. I just hope the right person fills out my quiz. If you know someone, send them my way.  

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