Here’s a story of noble work done by a big bank: Wells Fargo has rolled out an invaluable tool for business owners – a business planning tool. It’s available to anyone – not just bank customers – free of charge. Business plans are mysterious things. Few people know how to write, research or revise them. The Wells Fargo business plan center has guides and information to help you figure out how to start and finish your business plan. Full disclosure: they did hire me to chat on the video about why everyone needs a business plan. Watch the video to find out why you need one. Regardless, I think this is both smart business for Wells Fargo and intensely generous to the American entrepreneur. I intend to use it to plot out my next project that I have in the works. If you are struggling with preparing a business plan or using an old one that needs updating, give it a try and let me know what you think. 

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