Sidebar-Bootcamp-ImageLawyers are missing from the push to spur more start-ups. 16 years into my career as a business lawyer, I know that lawyers are a necessary part to starting and growing a business. We set up the company, structure the money, secure the technology, mediate fights between partners, write the book on employees, write the contracts, assess the risk and negotiate the buyout. We are second, fifth and last in and out. That’s why I produce business bootcamps for entrepreneurs. Because I’ve learned from the best and seen the worst. I’ve been a partner and a guide to businesses at all levels. I know what gets missed and I know what works. I also can talk about the legal issues – that are such a constant business companion – better than anyone. I also know what I don’t know. I don’t know budgeting. I don’t know product development. I don’t know sales. So, I bring experts in to talk to you about those things I don’t know. Our business bootcamps are full spectrum immersions in starting a running a business. We combine lots of different experts to make the bootcamp the most efficient, meaningful and valuable experience.

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